Monday, 3 September 2012

My Dad...

I am blessed in life to have such a wonderful Father...

My a wonderful role model...because of him I knew what qualities to look for in my Husband and the qualities I hope to impart on my Son.

My wonderful, kind, supportive, compassionate, patient, slow to anger, loving, not afraid to show affection, understanding, a great confidant, smart, a people person, professional, a perfectionist, successful, a man's man, a snazzy dancer and loves a good party. He has an unbelievable work ethic and a terrific thirst for knowledge...

My Dad...always told us...if a job's worth's worth doing well!

My Dad (and Mum too)...have sacrificed so many things for themselves to ensure we (my sister and me) need and want for nothing. They have worked their tails off so they could give us the best in life.

My Dad...has allowed me to make mistakes so I could learn from them and has always been there to help me through the good and the bad. He has driven hundreds and hundreds of kilometres taking us to school and back, taken us to country parties, moved us from house to house (so many times between my sister and me I hate to think)...

My Dad and little Sis
My Dad...agreed to give my hand in marriage to my wonderful Husband...whom I would be lost without. Dad recognised my love for N and his for me and support us through everything we do together as a couple. In his beautiful and moving speech at our Wedding he gave us some words of wisdom...those words were..."There are books written on marriage, but it is very hard to give advice, as each person is an individual with a unique personality. The only thing I know is, that like a business, you have to work hard at making a marriage work. There will be times of great joy and sadness, but like any relationship there are give and take rules. Above all, be loyal, love, respect and give space to each other"...

Image: Craven Images

My a wonderful, doting Grandfather. When I gave birth to my Son I was most excited to ring Dad to tell him he finally has a Jackaroo. I look forward to all the fun times and little gems of wisdom he will pass on to his Grandson...

My a remarkable man. I struck it lucky to get him as my Father, my mentor and my first Hero.

Dad...I love you... Jx


  1. Hi Jess, what a beautiful post and gorgeous pics of your dad. Love the two of you on your wedding day.. Carla

    1. Thank you Carla. That photo of Dad and me is one of my favourite photos ever taken of the two of us. I have the wonderful Bronnie and Adam from Craven Images to thank for that! It was such a special moment...Jx

  2. A beautiful and so true account of your dad Steve I know my boys absolutely love him too we are so lucky

    1. Thank you Kate...he loves your boys too. I often hear gorgeous stories of them. Love to all of you. Jx