Monday, 27 August 2012

Magnificent Mario...

I was reading the September issue of Vanity Fair over the weekend and turned the pages to see these beautiful photos of Jessica Chastain by Mario Testino!!!...

All images via here and here. Copyright of Mario Testino

I adore Mario's work. I am yet to see a photograph of Mario's that I don't like. He makes everyone he turns his lens on look better than the best version of themselves.

I have Mario Testino Portraits in my bookcase and I often flick through the pages... I love that he acknowledges the team around him and credits them with helping him take the beautiful photos he captures... and I quote 'It is a simple fact that I would not be able to work as I do without the input of a large number of talented people, I know this and make sure that they know I do'....

Mario Testino was the photographer that captured these iconic images of Princess Diana... Little did anyone know they would turn out to be her last official photographs. I like to imagine that Diana would be very happy these photos of her, where she looks so beautiful, at ease and free are are her final official photos for all to see.

All images copyright Mario Testino what I believe is a mark of respect for the beautiful photos Mario took of his Mother, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge used him for their official engagement photos...

Image via here and copyright of Mario Testino

Last week these images of Nicole Kidman in V magazine... again take by Mario Testino were released... I love it and think she looks great. Mario strikes again!!!!

All images via here and copyright of Mario Testino

It's a credit to Mario and a trust in his ability that so many of his subjects are willing to bare so much and try different looks. They take risks and in turn he creates beautiful, awe inspiring images.

What do you think of Mario's work?... Are you as big a fan as I am?

Do you like Nicole's photos? I think she looks hot... she took a risk and it's paid off (in my opinion).


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