Monday, 10 September 2012

Long lost friends...

Photo copyright Jessica Flett

Nervous, excited, curious, anxious...all words that described my feelings driving a couple of hours down to a baby shower that would see me catching up with 5 long lost girlfriends from school. The most recently I had seen two of them was 5 years ago and the others, longer than that.

To walk into the room and see those familiar faces made me feel as though no time had passed. We all looked the same and I had the same feeling of comfort and familiarity that comes from being with friends. We hadn't changed...just gotten older and wiser.

The next 3 hours was full of conversation as we downloaded what we had been up to over the last several, marriages, babies, family, etc. There was so much to catch up on and not enough time.

There is a lot I have missed out on and gaps we have not filled in but there was still very much a feeling of picking up where we left off. These are women I once spent a lot of time with and we shared much of our lives with each other for several years. It is so wonderful to see them doing so well and happy in their lives.

I'm so pleased we were able to get together...travelling from different parts of NSW and celebrate one of us joining Motherhood.

C, I wish you all the best with your beautiful'll be an amazing Mother.

Ladies, thanks for a lovely afternoon and let's not wait so long before catching up again.


Do you have a group of friends you get to catch up with once in a blue moon?

Do you pick up where you left off when you see each other? 
Can you get a word in edgeways?

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