Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sleeping like a baby...

H has a funny position he sleeps in. I have often gone in to check on him and found him in the below position. It makes my legs ache to see him folded over like this... many times I have stretched him out.

I have seen him get into this position...he sits up in his sleep (he is such a wriggle pot) and then just folds over and stays he has passed out!

I couldn't resist taking some photos...

I would love to hear if any of you have found your kids in awkward sleeping positions? 
What were they? 
Do you move them?...


P.S...You will see that H sleeps in a Merino Kids sleeping bag. I absolutely love them and they are high on my list of essentials. Being a wool growers daughter I love using natural fibres. The wool lining is super soft and cosy and the cotton jersey outer is just as soft. They come in lovely colours and are easy to wash. They also have many other goodies so check out their website here.

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