Friday, 18 May 2012

A pile of reading..

Image: Jessica Flett

I have a pile of reading that I'm dying to get through. I'm hoping to find a quiet moment this afternoon to sit down and catch up on my reading. It is a diverse pile of magazines. Amongst it all is Instyle, UK House & Garden, Little One Baby, Practical Parenting, Vogue & Home Beautiful. I can't wait for the next edition of Veranda and Elle Decor to arrive. My weekend guilty pleasure is OK magazine.

What are your favourite reads and do you have a guilty pleasure read like me?



  1. I like to flip the pages of Women's Health in the bath with a glass of wine and Cadbury fruit n’ nut mix. It feels extra indulgent doing what others are writing about un-doing

    1. That's a great one....thanks for sharing.