Tuesday, 29 May 2012

You're never too old to need your parents...

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Sorry for my absence but we have been under siege.....attacked by the nasty gastro bug that's currently doing the rounds here in Sydney.

I came down with it late Friday, within 4 hours of my parents arriving for the weekend. My parents live on a farm in Central West NSW and came down to visit their Grandson (his parents too..) Well...the poor things, they didn't bargain on a sick daughter and then a sick Grandson.

I felt terrible for ruining their weekend but I was also relieved to have them in town to help my husband with all the work of looking after two sick people. 

Mum and Dad were great sports and a terrific help to my husband who is an absolute angel!! He was a superstar and took care of everything. Touch wood he has escaped the nasty bug. Mum and Dad weren't so lucky and came down with it when they arrived home on Sunday night. Thankfully they are on the mend and feeling much better.

A huge thank you and all my love to the three of you for your help and care.

It just goes to show...you are never too old to need your parents.

I hope all of you are keeping well and those of you who've had this bug...you know what I'm talking about...it's a nasty one!


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