Thursday, 10 May 2012

Milk Baby - Snotty Grotty

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My darling son was very lucky to receive a bottle of snotty grotty by Milk baby from a very dear friend of mine for Christmas last year. I have since fallen in love with this product and use it every night. Milk Baby was created by Lindy Klim, wife of husband Michael Klim who created the Milk range of skincare products for men. Lindy has created the Milk baby skincare range based on all natural ingredients suitable for the very sensitive skin of babies and centred around enhancement of wellbeing.

On their website they describe how and when to use snotty grotty;
If your baby has the sniffles & sneezes grab your snotty grotty room spray, stop praying and start spraying. Relief has arrived. Snotty grotty room spray helps to clear your baby’s nasal passage, ensuring that they can get a good night’s sleep, without nasty sniffles or sneezes.
Earlier in the new year our little man had a case of the sniffles so I started using snotty grotty. I believe it helped him settle to sleep when he was congested with the sniffles. I have been using it ever since as I love the smell of it and when he has the sniffles again it will help clear his nose and thus help him sleep better whilst he gets rid of the cold. 

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