Thursday, 26 July 2012

Driftwood Interiors Seaweed Prints - Part 2

Yay!!..I finally have my seaweed prints on the wall and I love them!!! I mentioned them here a few weeks ago before they were sent to the framers.

We are now thinking about what we will put below them - do we put a nice piece of furniture there...for example a lovely commode or do we have a custom built unit put in. We will do the same on either side of the fireplace and also finally wall mount the television.

If you like the prints please check out Kerri Shipp's Driftwood Interiors Etsy store. Her work is terrific and I'm sure you'll have trouble choosing a favourite.

All images by Jessica Flett



  1. Really glad you like your prints Jess - and they look great in your gorgeous home :) I love the distressed frames; they're just perfect! Thanks so much for the mention too - you're too kind! K x

    1. Thank you Kerri. I'm so pleased you like how they're framed. Jx