Monday, 30 July 2012

The Airport...Happy Homecomings...

Yesterday morning H and I went out to the airport to meet N off the plane...I was very excited to have him home.

I love the airport...whether you're coming or going it is a hive of activity with such a sense of anticipation and excitement.

It was a zoo out there yesterday...I am told Sunday is their busiest day and in the early morning there are many flights coming in at the same time...this all added to the excitement...and frustration..imagine trying to contain a busy toddler who if you allowed to walk around would surely get squashed. There was lots of dancing on the spot, waving to strangers, chirping and singing.

I loved watching all the happy welcomes and the many tearful homecomings...I couldn't help but well up a little myself at seeing these happy reunions. There were lots balloons and flowers and lots and lots of hugging, kissing and tears. The whole scene reminded me very much of the ending of Love Actually (This is one of my favourite movies of all times)...

I finally spotted N walking out and when he was close enough I was able to point him out to H...and see both their faces light up brought tears to my was so gorgeous. When he reached us H fairly leapt out of my arms into his Daddy's arm...SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!

There were lots of cuddles and chats on the way home...and when H woke from his morning sleep and heard his Dad's voice...the excitement all over again was so funny and LOUD!

Welcome home honey...we missed you!!


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