Friday, 29 June 2012

Happy Friday & Heavily pregnant...One year ago...

Happy Friday all...have you all had a good week?

I hope you have a nice weekend planned. We have a first birthday party for a little friend of H's to attend...other than that it's a quiet weekend for us...Yay!!

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On a separate note...

I can't believe H is 1 at the end of next week!!! We are going to have a one year old in the longer a baby...we will have a toddler!!

I am so completely amazed at how much happens in a year...

I was cleaning out some photos on my iPhone yesterday and came across these...I realised they were taken a year ago... a week before my life changed FOREVER...

I forgot how big my tummy got and how amazing we are (women) that we can grow a baby inside of us and then give birth to them...big ouch!!

P.S..Yes that is a knitting needle on my lap...part of my nesting phase had me knitting blankets for my little bundle of joy!!

Have a wonderful weekend all.



  1. My goodness- that is one big beautiful bump! How big was your little poppet?

    1. Thank you for your comment. He was 3.850kg and 52.5cm long.

  2. Stunning photos! So good to see.

  3. You were gorgeous pregnant! The second year is so much fun.

    1. Thank you very much. I am very excited for the next chapter..x

  4. Hi Jessica - Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing :-) I have seven sisters.....lots of baby bumps in my family!

    1. Hi Loi...thank you. Goodness me...that is a lot of baby bumps...lots of Nieces and Nephews!! so fun..Jx