Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Mighty Toddler - Robin Barker

I just bought a copy of The Mighty Toddler by Robin Barker. I am a huge fan of Baby Love and have referred to it many, many times since H was born.

Pan Macmillan have this to say about the book;

Practical and essential, The Mighty Toddler includes key milestones for each age group; a complete ABC of toddler behaviour and responses; a guide to day-to-day toddler care; explanations about toddler health, medical conditions and illnesses; and Robin's down-to-earth advice on how to keep your life on track! Recently revised to include up-to-date information about potty training, childcare, swimming, personal safety and food allergies and intolerances, The Mighty Toddler is the most comprehensive guide available to Australian parents.
I was having a quick flick through and on page 4 - What are the basic things a Toddler needs? I read the following; I loved it and wanted to share it here..
And never forget to remind yourself that you are doing the most vital job in life. Even if it is unpaid, unacknowledged, unappreciated and often unsupported by the society in which we live, the person your toddler will become will be a tribute to your skill and commitment. Truly amazing with you think that we learn it all on the job, isn't it?
I'm really looking forward to the challenges and excitement of the toddler years. I feel lucky to have wonderful references like The Mighty Toddler at hand.


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  1. I need to blow that up and stick it on my fridge so I see it every day! It might help me to stay sane! Thanks J !