Wednesday, 11 June 2014

No longer a baby...

Our little girl turned 1 last week. It is a major milestone in any child and any parents life. She is our baby and we don't think there will be any more so we are moving into a new phase in our life as a family. We no longer have a baby in the house. We have two toddlers...

As a newborn you were really good. You fed and slept well. You loved cuddles as all babies do. You felt like an easier baby than H. For two reasons, I wasn't a first time Mother and you didn't suffer from reflux and colic like H did.

H improved at the 10 week mark and if anything you got trickier at that time. You decided you didn't want to feed as well, and you weren't sleeping as well as you were snacking instead of taking a full feed. This was a result of me basically drowning you due to a fast let down. You poor little thing... milk would actually come out of your nose when feeding... even when I was feeding lying down to slow it down.

We got there in the end and you actually slept through the night at 5 months... this was earlier than H but you haven't slept through as consistently as him. H slept through at 6 months and has been brilliant ever since (touch wood)... you are both terrific sleepers. Your teeth give you grief from time to time but you are a happy child most of the despite the pain and discomfort.

Life is amazing with you and your brother. You were sitting at 6 months. You crawled at 8 months and you took your first independent step at 12 months and 2 days exactly...

You are a great eater... you love food as your gorgeous cheeks indicate. You were a very animated baby and are a very animated little girl. We know what you're thinking as like your Mum... you wear your emotions on your face.

You are extremely determined and already throw a good tantrum. You blossomed at the 10 month mark and there is no stopping you. You adore your big brother. The way you look at him, cuddle him and think he is hilarious makes me melt...

He adores you too. He can be a bit of a rough older brother at times but I have no doubt you will hold your own and then some. You are already not backwards in coming forwards when you aren't happy with him for taking a toy or other thing away. I try not to intervene too often and let you work it out as much as you can.

When he is unhappy you get sad too and go over to him and cuddle him. You are very caring and loving.

H is very caring and protective of you too. Since day one he has referred to you as Sissy. He introduces you to everyone as Sissy... 'this is my Sissy' When I pick him up from a day at kindy the first thing he asks for is you if you're not with me. He makes a big deal of telling and showing everyone his Mummy and Sissy are there.

He looks out for you and tells me if you have something in your mouth or are doing something he knows you shouldn't be doing. He is my eyes in the back of my head. He will always be your protector and your loving older Brother.

You have a cheeky side and love to laugh and have fun. You are extremely affectionate which is absolutely heart melting. I got very lucky with two affectionate children and I relish every hug and kiss and cuddle time together.

You are a very wanted, welcome and loved member of the family and we feel so blessed to be your parents.

We love you baby girl... Happy Birthday.


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  1. A beautiful post. I felt very emotional at the thought of my A and her new baby brother or sister to be growing up together!! x