Friday, 27 June 2014

Easy kids craft - treasure chest...

We made this a few weeks ago and H is still into it. It is a treasure chest. Harry found the shoe box as I was preparing to throw it out and was calling it a treasure chest (they did an under the sea project at kindy earlier this year and as a class made a treasure chest)

I decided to help him decorate it and turn it into his own design treasure chest...

I thought I would blog it in case any other parent out there is looking for a easy and cheap craft project. Especially with the wet weather we've had it's a great project for those days...

What you'll need....

  • A shoe box - preferably one that has the lid attached
  • A4 paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Markers
  • Stickers
  • Any other decorating items you can think of. For example... ribbon, buttons, paint, felt, glitter, glue
In this instance I just covered every surface I could with plain white paper. Using sticky tape to attach it and cutting it down where needed. 

Once that was done I gave Harry his markers and he went to town colouring and decorating.

Later that day I was at a shop and saw the pirate and toy story stickers... two things he is particularly into at the moment and brought them home. He loved them and with some help took great pleasure in decorating his treasure chest.

As you can see it's still getting lots of use and he is still very interested in it to store all his 'treasures'

The next thing we will be doing is a pirate's spy glass... I just have to finish the paper towel roll!!...

I know it's very simple and to some of you probably very obvious but it's a fun, cheap and easy project to do with your little one and something they can make their own.

Ever made a treasure chest?...
I would love to hear about other craft ideas...


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