Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Samm and Naughty Nancy...

Meet Samm and Naughty Nancy... they are my Mother's pet lambs. They are SAMM lambs - SAMM stands for South African Meat Merino. Naughty Nancy is not the prettiest of sheep and she is quite skittish but despite all of this she is very cute. Samm is a Ram, hence the name Samm. He is a beautiful little Ram and is one of the sookiest poddy's my Mother has ever reared.

They are seriously loved and quite spoilt. They are fed a full wine bottle of milk three times a day. When they are weaned they will join the other pets who are free to roam around the house paddock and come up to the side gate morning and night crying for their pellets... These sheep are so spoilt!!

As you will see they love their milk and they love nothing more than having a run and jump about. I was amazed to see Samm flying through the air in the below photos... too cute!

H was a great little helper when it came to the empty bottle. In relation to the lambs themselves... he switched between feigning interest and not being bothered at all. They were quite interested in him though...



  1. This is a great post. I can't believe the jump on young Samm! Glad to see little H is getting the best of both worlds - not frightened at all! X

    1. He had a great time and it's lovely to see him so fearless. He's a lucky little guy. Jx