Tuesday, 25 March 2014

In Bathroom Mode...

Hello hello....

It's been such a long time. This little blog of mine was on such a roll.... meaning I was consistent with my posts. Then... I fell pregnant, had horrible morning sickness, we did more renovations, had another baby and well...life was/is busier and this little blog went to the back burner.

I have decided I am going to work harder at posting more frequently. Posting what is relevant to me, things I like...basically all things life and style. It will be for me to look back on and maybe...just maybe...you will find it relevant and helpful too.

So...with that out of the way I turn to the issue at hand.... Our bathrooms and laundry.

It's the final stage of our renovations. Yippppeeeee!! It's going to be the messiest and the hardest seeing as I have two little people, it's the bathrooms and laundry and we're living through it.

Oh the decisions!!! It's our first bathroom and laundry reno so we're feeling a little cautious. We have a wonderful builder who we have worked with from day one with this house....now 2.5yrs ago (where does the time go!!) and N's family are seasoned renovators so are a wealth of knowledge and invaluable sounding boards. Even still, we find ourselves nervous that our selections may not work and may not hit the mark we are aiming for. I have been trawling the web and magazines for inspiration and I will share some of these in a future post. We think we are getting close to a decision and I have a meeting with the builder to go through them this week and identify any issues and make any changes needed (fingers crossed there are none)

I have worked up a little inspiration collage in Polyvore and thought I might share it...

As you can see the colour palate is very neutral with grey's and white. We are going for something that feels large, bright, fresh, classic and warm. Fingers crossed we are on the right track.

Thoughts and feelings you might want to share are more than welcome...


Bathroom Inspiration

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