Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mummy Uniform with a touch of Green for Spring...

Mum Uniform

Mum Uniform by jessflett featuring stainless steel watches

I have always loved my jeans. I used to hangout for the weekend so I could wear my jeans. We didn't have casual Friday at my old company so the weekend was my only chance.

Now I'm a stay at home Mum I wear jeans and flats ALL THE TIME!! (or my tracky dacks on quiet days at home - classy huh!!). I call it my Mummy Uniform.

My favourite jeans, that work best on my post baby body, are the Adriano Goldshmied Stilt Cigarette jeans. Being a Cigarette pant they are the perfect length for me so they have the added bonus of not needing alterations. You can find his jeans herehere and here.

With the imminent arrival of Spring I am trying to inject a bit of colour into my wardrobe. My latest efforts are the above green scarf and ballet flats from Country can find them here and here

Is your Mummy uniform jeans and flat? 
Do you hang out for the end of the working week so you can get into your jeans and give you feet a rest from heels?
What are your favourite jeans?
Are you looking forward to wearing lots of colour this Spring?...



  1. Couldn't agree more... I LIVE in my jeans and ballets now I'm a stay at home mum! X