Thursday, 23 August 2012

Family Holiday...Destination Fiji...


Last month we were lucky enough to have a week in Fiji for our first family holiday. It was my first time to Fiji and it did not disappoint...from the moment we landed until the moment we left it was excellent!

The Fijian people were so hospitable and in our experience couldn't do enough for you. We had heard all of this from friends and family and we found out very quickly just how lovely they are.

H was a big hit and it wasn't long before he developed an attachment for two lovely ladies. He would look for them every morning and flirt with them to get their attention...

With or without children it's a wonderful holiday destination. We can't wait to hopefully go back one day.

Here are some photos from the trip...

All photos copyright Jessica Flett

Some of the real highlights of the trip were...

Seeing H enjoy exploring, he had only been walking for two week when we went away so he was loving his new found independence.

Being serenaded by the lovely island band... they went around to each table and sang a song just to them...when they got to us they sang... 'Burning ring of fire' by Mr Johnny Cash (a highly interesting coincidence in light of how many curries had been on offer over the last 2 days!!!)

This was not a highlight but was definitely memorable. The most embarrassing moment was after H's dinner one night...for his dinner we would head down to the main bar and have a drink whilst feeding him dinner. The gorgeous staff would be setting up for dinner and would come over and say hi and have a chat. This one evening the gorgeous Va took H for a walk to say Hi to the guys in the kitchen and when he came back he was wrapped in a towel...unbeknown to us he had gone to the bathroom and had leaked all over the lovely Va. We were mortified and she was sooo good about it... Ah the joys of parenthood!!

Vanaka to everyone at Vomo Island Resort, especially Va, Mere, Maria, Maci, Henry, Vuli, Sarah, Shane, Maddi and Noah for making our stay so special. We hope to see you again.

I would love to hear about your first family holiday...where was it, did you enjoy it and would you go back there?



  1. what a fabulous holiday...and such wonderful photos...glad the whole family had a great time! xv

    1. Hi Vicki, Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for reading the blog...I'm absolutely chuffed. Have a great day. Jx