Monday, 13 August 2012

Blue and White China prints...

As mentioned previously here, I bought some large blue and white china prints from Driftwood Interiors...

I had them framed and hung at the same time as the seaweed prints. They were originally going to be hung in the sunroom but once I saw them I knew I wanted to see them more often and that spot is quite hidden so we wouldn't see them very often.

Instead, they found a home at the top of our stairs. I knew I wanted something for that spot but wasn't sure what. When I took these up there to have a look, they were perfect. So there they now hang.

All images copyright Jessica Flett

I'm thrilled I get to see these all the time and so is my husband (they are his favourite)... 



  1. They look fantastic Jess - love the blue border, it's perfect. And so glad you like them (and your hubby - obviously a man of exceptional taste!).
    Thanks so much for the mention, K xx

    1. Thanks for taking a look Kerri. I'm so pleased you like them. Thanks again for producing such gorgeous art! Jx